How To Share Your Own Travel Experiences

As Travel Advisors one of the very best things we can do is share our own travel experiences -- whether it’s personal or professional (i.e. FAM trips).


Nobody trusts a skinny pastry chef!! What I mean is this -- if you sell travel, it’s helpful for them to see you doing it in a way that inspires them and shows them that they can trust you with their own experiences. So not only is our own travel important, how we share it is equally important.

We are far more effective if we show and don’t just tell.  This is an opportunity to be a storyteller. Why is that important? Because facts tell and and stories sell.

You don’t need an album on Facebook showcasing the 17 different room categories on a cruise ship. That’s facts. It’s also something they can see online if they really wanted to. You need to tell a story, because stories are where emotions live, and emotions are what make people buy. (or in our case... hire)

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know that right now I’m in South Africa. It’s a personal trip -- a trip that I’m taking for my one year anniversary and a destination that has been on my bucket list for many, many years.

I’ve sold exactly one trip to South Africa, and before this trip I’ve never even been to this part of Africa.  It makes sense that I haven’t gotten a lot of trip requests for luxury safari’s and South African adventures. But I want them!

I know that this type of experience will speak to my ideal client.

This is an opportunity for me to show her what an experience here is like, inspire her to consider it for her own similar travels, and position myself as the obvious person to help her bring it to life.

I try as much as possible to be a storyteller when it comes to my personal travel. It is never about just posting a photo, or posting a blog telling you what I did while in a certain destination. I am painting a picture that hopefully you relate to on some level, that inspires you to take action and helps you see me as the guide to help you.

Sometimes this concept is easier to show rather than explain. I encourage you to stalk me for the next few weeks and see if you notice how I share when I travel, and if it seems effective for doing what I said I hope to do:

*Show the experience through storytelling.

*Inspire you.

*Position myself as the person to bring it to life.

Pretty soon I want to share with you something I’ve been working on to help you learn to do the same thing -- this is what marketing on Instagram as a Travel Advisor looks like in the modern world, and I’m excited to share all that I know if you think it could help you too.

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